The Office Hour with Kim Moldofsky

Year_of_my_Blogging_CareerAs part of The Year of My Blogging Career, we’re kicking off a weekly conference call series, The Office Hour (#OfficeHour)!

It’s definitely something that’s evolving over time, but the way it works now, each week there is a kick-off topic that Kim or a special invited guest will address, followed by Q & A and general discussion.

The Office Hour consists of a live call, as well as related chatter on Twitter and Facebook. The weekly invite and topic will be posted on Facebook and copied over here.

Today we’ll be discussing the results of the Blogger Monetization Survey that Esther Crawford so nicely compiled for the presentation at Blissdom. Co-presenter Sommer Poquette posted that deck along with useful links on her blog.

The call will take place today, February 17 at 1:00 Central (2:00 Eastern and 11:00 Pacific). Feel free to join in regardless of whether you’ve RSVP’d.

Call (605) 477-3000 and when prompted, enter access code 677842#.

Edited 2/17 to include links mentioned during the chat.

In addition to the links to Esther and Sommer’s site mentioned above, we also discussed the innovative plan by Kelby Carr of the Type-A Parent Conference, to match bloggers with sponsors and the wonderful (free!) e-book, From Blog to Business, put out by Esther and Jennifer James of Mom Blog Magazine.

Special thanks for Melanie Sheridan of Mel, A Dramatic Mommy for grabbing these links as I mentioned them.

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Social Media Moms and Money

Sommer, Esther, Barbara and I are working hard to make sure our Blissdom 2011 panel on Advanced Monetization provides valuable information and useful takeaways.

Along these lines, we want to highlight the income potential of various social media-related opportunities.

And we don’t want to be shy about giving dollar amounts associated with these activities.

However, it’s clear that things get murky when you start talking about bloggers and pay. There are no industry standards.

Even as the members of our small panel began discussing ranges of pay for things like sponsored posts or hosting a Twitter party, it was apparent we were examining different parts of the proverbial elephant. We each have knowledge based on our experiences, but that’s not enough. We want a better understanding, more input, so that we know what blogger pay (often the elephant in the room) looks like.

We want to hear about your experiences. Please take a minute to let us know how things look in your segment on the blogosphere.

We’re not asking for your salary or even how much you got paid for hosting a giveaway for Brand X. There’s no need to name names. We just want a sense of what you’ve done and what the going rates are (there is even such a thing as going rates) in world of paid social media.



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We’re Blissdom Bound! Are You?

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ January 26-28, 2010I’m thrilled to be speaking once again at the Blissdom Conference.

This year I’ll be part of a rock star panel titled:

Advanced Monetization is Not for Whiny Complainers: Make Your Own Opportunities

I’ll be alongside Esther Crawford and Barbara Jones while Sommer Poquette guides our discussion.

In the momspace, it’s easy to sit back and gripe about who’s getting invited where or which bloggers are being offered gigs that you get passed over for. Our panel is not about that. Instead, it’s about envisioning your own destiny, taking stock of what you have to offer and then unapologetically going for it.

If you’ve done this, I’d love to hear about it. And I look forward to meeting you at Blissdom!

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One Lucky MomImpact Member to Receive Type-A Mom Conference Scholarship

Yes, MomImpact has a Type-A Mom Conference ticket to give away!

TypeAMom ConferenceKim is speaking at the conference and is giving away the pass she purchased earlier this year.

But wait, there’s more!

The MomImpact scholarship consists of:

  • a conference pass,
  • $100 to help offset expenses (to be paid out at the conference)
  • and a MomImpact t-shirt (no, you don’t have to wear it the whole time).

To enter, you must be a MomImpact member prior to August 18, 2010. To throw your name in the ring, post an entry about your power as a blogger. As a blogger you have a platform, you have an audience (even if it seemingly only consists of your mother or your best friend), you have power.

How will the Type-A Mom help you feel your power? Or how will you use your power to make Type-A Mom an incredible conference (see this post for inspiration)?

Entry deadline is 11:00 PM CST on September 2, 2010. And the scholarship winner will be announced by Labor Day, September 6, 2010. This scholarship is intended for a blogger that does not currently have a pass.

Be sure to drop us a note at info (@) momimpact (dot) com so we can stop by and read your entry. Entries will not be considered if we have not been properly notified.

If the first chosen winner is unable to attend the Type-A Mom Conference, a runner-up will be granted the scholarship package.

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MomImpact helps Kenmore Connect with Leading Bloggers

MomImpact provided strategic insight as well as event and logistical support for the Kenmore Style National Blogger Summit. Headed up by Richard Goldsmith, known in the blogosphere as @KenmoreConnect and to traditional businessfolk as the Community Engagement Manager, the event was a huge success.

Kenmore brought twenty influential parent bloggers to Chicago and then out to the Sears headquarters in Hoffman Estates to meet with designers and managers behind the Kenmore brand. Bloggers learned about Kenmore’s new sense of style. The brand has been revamped from top to bottom, that is from washing machines that “talk” directly to service technicians in Texas via Kenmore Connect service to a new logo with custom-designed font used across the brand.Kenmore logo 2010

The brand folks also learned from the bloggers as the day included a paid focus group, where bloggers shared their appliance insights and desires.

The day was capped off with a party at the Kenmore Live Studio, where many Chicago bloggers gathered for the foodie face-off of the summer, three “mommy bloggers” competing against three” foodie bloggers” to create healthy dishes that kids will love. (Alas, the foodies won, but Moms Amy Clark, Kris Cain and Stephanie Precourt did the moms proud.)

Kenmore Bloggers

Kenmore Style Blogger Summit Participants included (not all pictured above):

C.C. Chapman
Adventures of a NYC Mama
Geek Dad
Busy Mom
The Spohrs Are Multiplying
Play Groups Are No Place for Children
Mom Bloggers Club

Hormone-Colored Days
Linda Sellers
The Happiest Mom
Modern Mami
The Snyder Five
The Ohana Mama
Whiskey in my Sippy Cup
Xiaolin Mama
Adventures in Babywearing
Attack of the Redneck Mommy
Rock On Mommies
Little Tech Girl
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Social Media Masters’ Summit in Chicago

Chicago’s next big blogger event takes place in just a few weeks. The Social Media Masters’ Summit will kick off with brand/blogger speed dating event and VIP cocktail party on August 23. For the speed dating portion, brands looking to connect with bloggers will be matched with a hand-picked selection  Likewise, bloggers will be matched with representatives from major brands that would be a good fit with for their stated interests and needs.

The Summit proper will take place on August 24th. MomImpact’s Kim Moldofsky will be speaking alongside Esther Crawford*, Danielle Smith, and Miss Lori* on a panel moderated by Weber Shandwick’s Senior VP of Digital and Social, Adam Keats. The panelists will be sharing experiences and actionable tips about how bloggers and brands can work together.

In addition to great bloggers, there’s a top-notch group of corporate social media and marketing pros on the agenda, too- GM’s Christopher Barger and Chicago’s own Liz Strauss to name a few. Read more about the sessions.

*MomImpact member

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Chicago Blogger Meet-up Success!

Chicago bloggers are fortunate that the city has hosted the BlogHer conference two times, but in 2010 it was held in New York City. A handful of Chicago bloggers who opted to stay back in the Second City during BlogHer10 decided to hold a meet-up of their out here in town. Chicago social media mavens Hope Bertram, Sara Fisher, and Kim Moldofsky organized an evening of networking, conversation and fun at Theory Chicago.

The group of nearly two dozen women was treated to a private screening of Melissa Pierce’s film, Life in Perpetual Beta, a crowd-sourced documentary that explores the ways technology is changing our culture. Melissa, a mom of three who created the most of the film while her young ones napped, celebrated her birthday with the group.  Chicago singer and newbie blogger, Jan James, wowed the women with her soulful rendition of “Happy birthday.”

Inspired by the Tutus for Tanner 5K at BlogHer, attendees posed wearing the (now) official Chicago tutu in exchange for a small donation to the cause. Nicole of Help! Mama Remote called the get-together “a night of fun, laughter, hope, and inspiration,” that left her wondering how a few hours together with people she’d never met before could be so impactful.

There was little in the way of swag, no dance floor, and the party was over by 10:00, but there were many cards exchanged, lots of laughs shared, and several friendships forged during the event.

tutus for TannerTracey from Just Another Mommy Blog

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Yahoo! Connectonomics: What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs

Connectonomics for Women bookletOn July 28, Yahoo released a groundbreaking marketing study regarding women online. The study explored the personal needs women are trying to fulfill via their time online and the channels they use to meet those needs.

In short, the study indicates that many types of women (old, young, married, single, moms, non-mothers) have surprisingly similar needs and they meet these needs through various online channels. Examples of different channels include blogs, online communities, lifestyle sites and social networking sites.

All channels are not created equal. In one analysis of the results provide by Yahoo, they note that an online community is the metaphorical equivalent of a book group, while instant messaging is more like a coffee break. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

So what?

By understanding the needs that get met through different channels and the types of information that are shared out and received on them, marketers can better tailor messages to fit those spaces, rather merely create a broad campaign and insert the same ad across a variety of channels.

MomImpact’s Kim Moldofsky was part of an expert panel that talked through the some of the implications of this study at a recent Chicago Connectonomics event. The morning at Ivy Studios kicked off with an overview of the study by Yahoo’s Dr. Radha Subramanyam. Panel moderator, Yahoo! Shine editor-in-chief, Brandon Holley, kept the conversation flowing with Kim, Edelman Digital’s Danielle Wiley, Sara Lee’s Philippe Schaillee, and Erik Logan from Harpo Studios.

The hot event swag was a Connectonomics: Women’s Edition booklet (pictured) that you’ll want to get your into your hands. But if that’s not possible, check out the Yahoo! Advertising Blog to download the next best thing.

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Not Going to BlogHer10? Let’s Meet Up!

BlogHer is a fabulous conference. I’ve learned a lot and had a great time during the three years I attended, but this year I’m focusing on smaller conferences. (Note to self: I have a ticket to give away to The TypeAMom Conference next month.) I’m sure the women will have a blast in NYC this year, but that doesn’t mean us homebodies can’t have a good time, too. I’m working with a few of Chicago’s leading social media ladies to put together a little something-something.  Sign up below if you’d like to hear more as the plans come together.


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MomImpact in Minnesota: AEbleskiver!

Able who? Skeevy what? MomImpact president Kim Moldofsky was impressed when she met the Minneapolis-based folks of Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver at the Housewares Show. Chad and his team impressed her with their passion for their small business which makes a mix and sells special cast iron pans used for making this Danish pastry.

Kim was intrigued. She knew she’d be passing through Minneapolis in June and that there was a wonderful group of bloggers there to meet, so….

Thanks to Aunt Else, Local D’Lish, Jennifer of Unplanned Cooking, Liz of Kitchen Pantry Scientist and the Blog Pantry ladies, we’re having a make-your-own aebleskiver party. Kim will also be talking to the group about brand-blogger relations.

Even if you’re not from Minneapolis, you have a chance to join in. Watch for #MNBlogPantry on Twitter the night of June 10, from 7-9 CST. And want to try you hand at aebleskiver?

Enter to win your own cast iron pan and Aunt Else’s mix, based on a 100-year-old recipe.

Aunt Else’s cast-iron Aebleskiver pan

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations @MommyNeedsTherapy!

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