How To Develop a Winning Speaker Proposal

The year of my blogging career kicked off with a bang thanks to Rick Calvert and Deb Ng, part of the brainpower behind BlogWorld and New Media Expo. They provided a myriad of tips for creating a winning speaker pitch.

Thanks also to Stacey Nerdin from Tree, Root and Twig for taking thorough notes while listening, tweeting and managing an active preschooler. You can also check out a brief summary over at SuperCatCalhoun.

And a big thank you to everyone who participated! This was such a hit, we are already planning to offer it again.

And now Stacey’s notes.

It’s not difficult to write a speaking proposal.  In fact, the hardest part may just be DOING IT.  Deb suggested that you get over that initial fear and just go for it.

Ask yourself:  why do I want to speak? If you want to speak to be positioned as a thought leader or to sell a product, you are submitting for the wrong reasons.  Those things might come as a result from speaking, but your main purpose for speaking ought to be:

  • What information can I share?
  • What content can I bring?
  • What can I teach that will be of value to those who are listening?

The organizers of Blog World Expo are looking for:

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MomImpact Teams Up with BlogWorld Expo to Help Mombloggers

Blog World New Media ExpoAs we near the end of 2010, it’s clear that there are great opportunities ahead for mombloggers, but if you want to make money from blogging, you’ve got to do more than simply write great content. With this in mind, I want to help MomImpact’s members reach new heights in the coming year.

I want you all to think (or shout!) in 2011,

This is the year of my blogging career!

So we’re kicking off a professional development series. I want you to think big as we look ahead to the new year.

I’m thrilled to be hosting a webinar on how to develop a winning speaker proposal with Blog World Expo Founder, Rick Calvert, and Deb Ng, BWE Conference Director

Officially known as the BlogWorld and New Media Expo, it’s the world’s largest social media conference. But it’s also one that intimidates many women. It’s large, it’s in Vegas and…there are men there. It’s not that the typical momblogger is scared of men, but it definitely creates a different conference dynamic than one might often find at women’s blogging conferences. And some women are hesitant to get involved.

But you can compete with the big boys even as you juggle diaper changes, carpools and parent committee meetings.

You can network, learn and party with the best of them in Vegas next year.

And who better to help you prepare and pitch a winning proposal than the folks who sort through hundreds of them each year for their conference?

The webinar will be held on Thursday, November 18, 2010 from 1 – 2 Eastern Time (12-1 Central, 10-11 Pacific). Sign in on the form below and you will be contacted with login information.

Rick and Deb are going to share tips and tricks for a winning speaker pitch including information like:

  • The benefits of speaking at a conference
  • How to format your pitch and what information to include (and what to leave off)
  • What you need beyond a great idea
  • Whether it’s better to propose a session independently or to develop and fill a panel
  • What steps to take once your pitch is (or isn’t) accepted

This webinar is free and open to all MomImpact members.

Not a member? Become one.

Not a mom? Drop me a note, kim at momimpact dot com.

Thanks for your interest. This webinar was such a success, we hope to offer again in the coming months!

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