Social Media Moms and Money

Sommer, Esther, Barbara and I are working hard to make sure our Blissdom 2011 panel on Advanced Monetization provides valuable information and useful takeaways.

Along these lines, we want to highlight the income potential of various social media-related opportunities.

And we don’t want to be shy about giving dollar amounts associated with these activities.

However, it’s clear that things get murky when you start talking about bloggers and pay. There are no industry standards.

Even as the members of our small panel began discussing ranges of pay for things like sponsored posts or hosting a Twitter party, it was apparent we were examining different parts of the proverbial elephant. We each have knowledge based on our experiences, but that’s not enough. We want a better understanding, more input, so that we know what blogger pay (often the elephant in the room) looks like.

We want to hear about your experiences. Please take a minute to let us know how things look in your segment on the blogosphere.

We’re not asking for your salary or even how much you got paid for hosting a giveaway for Brand X. There’s no need to name names. We just want a sense of what you’ve done and what the going rates are (there is even such a thing as going rates) in world of paid social media.



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