Changes Ahead

Funny thing about this here blog. Just about a year old, it’s got an Alexa rank of about 350,00 and a Google PageRank of 4. Admirable stats worth building on. And yet, I’ve avoided posting here. One roadblock was the fact that I was posting in third person, going for that professional image and all, but it’s not working for me.

So here I am!

I’m also still figuring out the balance of ¬†what goes on my personal blog (the one that’s six years old and has comparable stats; what does that mean?) and what goes here.

Another issue is that though I like the MomImpact logo and I generally take a minimalist approach to design, I need to freshen up the look here.

I’ve also got to clean things up behind the scenes- upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and reactivate the comments, which was an early move that made sense at the time but now leaves me shaking my head with wonder. What was I thinking?

So yes, I’m looking for a WordPress whiz with a bit of design sense to balance her mad tech skillz. Drop me a note kim @ momimpact dot com if you are interested. Members of the MomImpact community have priority, but this fab person must have references as well.

Oh, and speaking of change, here’s another one coming soon.


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