Bloggers Gone Wild at #PaintMeBen

Last month Chicago area MomImpact members were treated to a presentation on How to Choose the Perfect Color at a local Benjamin Moore retailer. Color wizard Mary Hoffman, a third generation Benjamin Moore employee, talked to us in a way that made zillions of paint colors seem a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun.

After an inspiring presentation, we headed over to Casa de Renovation to look at the color themes suggested by Evelyn Martinez, a designer provided by the brand to help select colors for my house. What happened when the energetic crowd headed over to my house?

Bloggers. Gone. Wild.

Bloggers behaving badly Hope and Tracey defaced the wall.

One woman demolition crewJen then smashed it, finding her her true calling.

No wait, that all came later. When we got to the house, Mary and Beth, also from Benjamin Moore, drew a winner for the Grand Prize of the Evening- a personal in-home color consultation from Benjamin Moore. Lucky Melanie from Tales from the Crib won.

I awarded a few lesser prizes- an old key to the house, vintage wallpaper scraps (removed from my wall earlier that day) and a chance to hammer a hole in the wall that will soon (pretty please) be demolished.

Oh dear, it appears the other Jen forgot to take home her strip of vintage wallpaper. I’ll have to remember to bring it to her the next time we’re together.

Alli won my hip-again lime green sheer living room curtains- an item I didn’t even know I was giving away. But really, I’ll give almost any old thing away to a good home.

Everybody who showed up is a winner because they received coupons for Benjamin Moore sample pints.

I hope they go bold.

Maybe they will. After all, Kathy, (below) a blog friend dating back to when dinosaurs ruled the digital space in 2006, has been pondering a color change. And Lisa learned a few tips to help with her troubled yellow bathroom walls.

Special thanks to my guests: Paula, Beth, and Maureen.

Kathy looking tough

Adapted from a post at Reluctant Renovator.

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I’m Back

Last May, along with hosting my son’s bar mitzvah and filling out a tree’s worth of mortgage application papers, I decided to have this blog redesigned. The bar mitzvah left me kvelling and we got the house, but the blog redesign was a nightmare. My husband, who literally knew just enough about WordPress to be dangerous when he set it up, tweaked a few key things that essentially make it impossible to update the theme or other key aspects of the site. That left me to work with the site as is or start over from scratch.

It scared me away for a few months (plus, we started a major home renovation over the summer and managing that has been like a full-time job itself). For now, I’m going with the Bloom Where You Are Planted philosophy and making do with what I’ve got.

You can also find MomImpact on Facebook and thanks to Nicole and Yoly MomImpact bloggers have a Skype chat room. We typically gather twice a month for #OfficeHour chats to discuss growing as a blogger and a social media pro. We also publish a monthly newsletter with events, opportunities and member news. Join us!

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