The Rise of the Social Media Moms

Social_Media_Moms_at_Camp_BabyI’ve never been a fan of the term mommyblogger. In fact, it’s also long raised the ire of many of my peers. Though I tend to feel better about the term mom blogger, I started using the term social media mom in 2008. It just made sense.

A typical “mom blogger” does more than blog. She’s active on Twitter and Facebook. She posts photos on Flickr and/or Whrrl, and probably has a YouTube Channel, to boot. She’s also involved in a handful of online groups and networks. In other words, her digital footprint, her reach, her influence, goes well beyond her blog.

Brands are starting to recognize this.

In response to a 2008 “Marketing 2.0″ article in the Wall Street Journal, I wrote a post making the case for brands to connect with social media moms: Why hire a marketing technopologist when you can hire a social media mom?

As a social media mom, I help companies identify bloggers and refine blogger outreach programs while keeping my clients informed about trends and conversations in the momosphere in a way that diagnostic software and algorithms cannot.

I’ve said before that having a mom’s eye view will help a company’s social media efforts stay better informed and avoid roadblocks and ruffled feathers (Google “Camp Baby Blogstorm” to see what I mean.).

A social media mom helps a client reach out to just the right bloggers in just the right way because she’s smart and well-connected, even if she does have a bad case of blogger’s butt.

Though some of the references in my old post are dated (Johnson & Johnson’s Camp Baby? Ancient history!), it’s still a good read. The message is still relevant. And it’s sinking in.

And now that the momspace has grown and matured, I’ve seen firsthand that companies are engaging social media moms in new ways. Innovative brands want the voice of mom not just to spread brand messages, but to help craft those messages.

In the last tear or so, I’ve been a part of several exciting projects- speaking engagements, focus groups and brain storming sessions because I’m a social media mom. Clients bring me in not because of the number of readers my blog has, but because of my connections in and knowledge of the space, in addition to my perspective as a mom.

I see many of my peers getting similar opportunities. In fact, sometimes we’re sitting next to each other in the same conference room, which makes it even more exciting.

Brands have long recognized the importance of moms as consumers and brand advocates; it’s great that they are now reaching out to moms, social media moms, as business woman and brand partners.

I expect this trend to grow in 2011.

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Social Media Masters’ Summit in Chicago

Chicago’s next big blogger event takes place in just a few weeks. The Social Media Masters’ Summit will kick off with brand/blogger speed dating event and VIP cocktail party on August 23. For the speed dating portion, brands looking to connect with bloggers will be matched with a hand-picked selection  Likewise, bloggers will be matched with representatives from major brands that would be a good fit with for their stated interests and needs.

The Summit proper will take place on August 24th. MomImpact’s Kim Moldofsky will be speaking alongside Esther Crawford*, Danielle Smith, and Miss Lori* on a panel moderated by Weber Shandwick’s Senior VP of Digital and Social, Adam Keats. The panelists will be sharing experiences and actionable tips about how bloggers and brands can work together.

In addition to great bloggers, there’s a top-notch group of corporate social media and marketing pros on the agenda, too- GM’s Christopher Barger and Chicago’s own Liz Strauss to name a few. Read more about the sessions.

*MomImpact member

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Chicago Blogger Meet-up Success!

Chicago bloggers are fortunate that the city has hosted the BlogHer conference two times, but in 2010 it was held in New York City. A handful of Chicago bloggers who opted to stay back in the Second City during BlogHer10 decided to hold a meet-up of their out here in town. Chicago social media mavens Hope Bertram, Sara Fisher, and Kim Moldofsky organized an evening of networking, conversation and fun at Theory Chicago.

The group of nearly two dozen women was treated to a private screening of Melissa Pierce’s film, Life in Perpetual Beta, a crowd-sourced documentary that explores the ways technology is changing our culture. Melissa, a mom of three who created the most of the film while her young ones napped, celebrated her birthday with the group.  Chicago singer and newbie blogger, Jan James, wowed the women with her soulful rendition of “Happy birthday.”

Inspired by the Tutus for Tanner 5K at BlogHer, attendees posed wearing the (now) official Chicago tutu in exchange for a small donation to the cause. Nicole of Help! Mama Remote called the get-together “a night of fun, laughter, hope, and inspiration,” that left her wondering how a few hours together with people she’d never met before could be so impactful.

There was little in the way of swag, no dance floor, and the party was over by 10:00, but there were many cards exchanged, lots of laughs shared, and several friendships forged during the event.

tutus for TannerTracey from Just Another Mommy Blog

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MomImpact’s Kim Moldofsky Speaking at the Sweets and Snack Expo

After covering this drool-worthy event as a blogger for years, Kim Moldofsky is pleased to announce that she will be speaking at the 2010 Sweets and Snacks Expo.

Kim sees this as one small step for a mom and one giant leap for mombloggers. She was impressed that she was asked to take part because of her mom’s eye view. As we say here, “Mom’s opinion matters.” It’s great to see an important industry association recognize this at their national gathering.

Stayed tuned because we’ll be posting a survey asking other social media moms to share their thoughts about sweets and snacks and, of course, we’ll host a candy and snack giveaway, too. Check back on the site or look for details in the next edition of MomImpact Memos.

Kim Moldofsky is speaking at the Sweets and Snacks Expo

Marketing to Moms, Marketing with Moms

Welcome to MomImpact! Please pardon the dust as we settle into these new digs. Even though the name and the space are brand-spankin’ new, the concept is not. I’ve been connecting people with resources for decades. Since 2008, I’ve been introducing bloggers and brands to each other through my company, Positive Impact, Inc.

MomImpact! is an exciting new extension of the business. I’m looking forward to making this a bigger and better year, but I hesitate to define what that means just yet. In February, I’m scheduled to attend:

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010 I'm Attending The Mom 2.0 Summit

I dare say I plan to walk away with a few new ideas. For now, I offer you a summary of my posts on marketing to moms from my personal blog, Hormone-colored Days. These are among my most widely-read (commented, Tweeted and Stumbled) pieces. As with many blogs, some of the best nuggets of wisdom can be found in the comments, so be sure to read those, too.

If you’re a mom who’s active online, sign up to be one of MomImpact’s Moms Who Matter. If you’re not a mom, but want to hear about all the good things ahead, drop me an email at kim(at)momimpact(dot)com and I’ll add you to MomImpact’s mailing list.


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